Международная выставка / ярмарка / конкурс


Exhibition dates: May 19-25, 2024
Working hours: 10:00-22:00 (10AM - 10PM)

Exhibition address:
Gallery "Art-Communa" in the "Kievskiy" mall
(Moscow, Kievskaya st., 2, 4th floor)

Opening of the exhibition: May 19, 2024, 18:00.
Finish date: May 25, 2024, 17:00.

Live Streaming: https://vk.com/eurasianartunion  


Registration process


Step 1

Prepare photos of works in. jpg or . tiff, from 1 to 20 MB, and fill in the registration form

Step 2

After receiving a letter from the organizing committee with the payment link, make a payment and send a copy of the payment to an email of the organizing committee

Step 3

For IN-PERSON participants: prepare the work for exhibiting, print the label and transfer certificate.

For DISTANT participants: the organizing committee will print and arrange works for exhibition according to the request

Important to know



The author independently decides in which nomination his work will be presented. The Organizing Committee previews the works by the photo images sent. All works registered within the specified time and confirmed by the organizing committee are presented at the exhibition and participate in the competition program, except for:
a) Works that violate the social norms of the Russian Federation;
b) Works with political issues;
c) Works that offend religious feelings and personality.
The decision of the Organizing Committee regarding the above exceptions is final and not to be discussed.


1) There are two forms of participation: IN-PERSON and DISTANT.
2) Both have equal rights
All participants pre-send registration kit to the organizing committee. After confirmation by the organizing committee, the offline works are submitted to the exhibition within the specified period.
In case of distant (online) participation the contestant sends  photos in electronic form. The Organizing Committee prints the files and places them in the exhibition.

Where and how

All works are exhibited in the new art space of Moscow - in the Gallery of Modern Art "ART-COMMUNE in the mall "Kievskiy" (Moscow, Kievskaya st., 2)

a) Original works on the wall or podium;
b) Author’s giclee on the wall;

The organizing committee prints the sent files and places them at the exhibition as follows: 
       - in an art-book (A3);
       - in frame 40*60 cm:
       - on the canvas on the subframe (A2, A1, A0);
       - on foamboard (A2, A1, A0). 
(at the end of the exhibition, the author is given a canvas/foamboard on the sub-frame for free).


The works are assessed by the leading representatives of esoteric communities of Russia and foreign countries, as well as by famous masters, art critics and producers, whose professional interest includes the study of issues of consciousness, being and secret signs and symbols.


The jury includes experts from more than 20 countries: Russia, Belarus, Great Britain, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, France, USA, Mexico, Venezuela, China, India, Indonesia, Australia, Israel, Syria, Egypt, Iran, Libya, Canada.




Physical works (originals, giclee): All works declared for the project can be sold at the price indicated by the author in a registration form.

Distant works, photocopies: If customers wish to purchase such works, the author must be able to provide the original within 5 work days. 


The commission for works sold at the exhibition is 20%. The terms of the commission are limited to the dates of the exhibition, that is, the Organizing Committee retains the commission only if the work is sold during the exhibition.

A signature, stamp or any other identifying sign of authorship may be used anywhere in the image. Subsequently, images are published with copyright distinctive signs. Inscriptions with the names of art objects on the front side are not allowed.

Participating in the project, the author gives consent to the inclusion of his phone nimber and e-mail in the free newsletters notifying about the project in Russia and abroad.
If the author wishes not to implement this free service, the author must inform the Organizing Committee about it in any of the following ways:
a) Requesting the deletion of your phone and/or e-mail address to the Organizing Committee (listed in "Contacts")
b) By sending an SMS request to exclude your phone and/or e-mail to +7-925-0537000.

Copyright and all other rights remain with the artist. In the event that art objects are provided for the competition by the representative of the author (producer), the responsibility for the authorship lies with the applicant. The Organizing Committee has the right to use the name (alias) and photo images of art objects participating in the competition and exhibition in order to promote and popularize international projects organized by the World Arts Foundation, and non-commercial use as illustration and publication in the media. All participants understand that any image submitted to the competition can be used by the project for marketing and promotional purposes, including non-commercial publication in any media such as exhibitions, print and digital media. Participating in the competition, the author (the applicant) agrees to inclusion in the catalog of the exhibition photos of the author, art objects and labeling.
The Organizing Committee is not responsible for art objects and their photo images provided in violation of the competition rules or for those who violate copyright, as in this case the person applying for participation in the competition program (applicant) is responsible.



1) IN-PERSON PARTICIPATION (offline participation): you present the originals of your works in Moscow

2) REMOTE PARTICIPATION: exhibition of the originals of your artworks sent by mail.

3) DISTANT PARTICIPATION (photocopies): exhibition of reproductions of your works of art printed from your files (exhibited in the form of photocopies). 

The organizing committee prints the sent files. Correspondence works are exhibited at the exhibition (on the wall) and published in the A4 catalogue format. At the request of the author it is possible to create a photocopy in full size (the cost of additional works is in the section "Cost of participation").

Only authors of17 years old and older can take part in the project

Exhibition dates: May 19-25, 2024
Registration deadline: until May 15, 2024
Opening hours: 10:00-22:00

Exhibition address:
Art-Commune Gallery in the Kievsky
Shopping Mall (Moscow, Kievskaya str., 2, 4th floor)

Opening of the exhibition: May 19, 2024, 18:00.
Finish date: May 25, 2024, 17:00.

Live broadcast: https://vk.com/eurasianartunion 

Acceptance works for the exhibition: May 18, 2024, 11:00-18:00
Issuance of accurate works from the exhibition: May 19, 2024, from 17:00 to 20:00

Registration deadline - March 29, 2024

Regisrtation ends in:

During the exhibition "The World of Esoterics" a lecture hall will be organized - numerous master classes and lectures will be held on the topics related to world perception, world order and secret and obvious laws of nature.